Hail Damage Repair

Nobody enjoys a hail storm. Let our professional staff ease the pain of a hail storm by helping you 
navigate the process and get your vehicle back to its pre-loss condition.


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How Much Time Should I Allow For A Hail Storm Estimate?
A standard hail estimate requires 30-45 minutes.
During this time, the estimator follows a systematic format of identifying severity and quantity of dents on all panels. In addition, the estimator communicates with you to answer all questions they may have about the repair and obtains all accurate vehicle information.

What Happens During The Estimate Process?
Your estimator will greet you and drive the vehicle into the estimating bay. Then, they appraise the vehicle, taking record of the scope of the hail damage as well as the severity and quantity of dents. The estimate is then finalized and reviewed with you. You will be provided with a printed copy of the estimate.

Why Is a Clean Vehicle Important?
It allows the estimator to see clearly the damage. Dust and dirt can often mask damage, causing inaccurate estimates and delays in the repair process.

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What Does Pre-Loss Condition Mean?
During the hail estimate process, any non-hail damage will be noted. The condition of the car, including this damage, is considered the pre-loss condition of the vehicle. Any damage that is not hail-related will not be covered on the repair.
At the time of the estimate, photos will be taken of the vehicle and any of these conditions will be noted in the estimate.

How Do I Schedule My Vehicle for Repair?
During an average hail storm, thousands of vehicles sustain damages, so it may be a few weeks before your scheduled appointment. We will work with you to determine the appropriate repair time following your estimate.

What Types Of Repair Are Available?
Depending on the severity of your vehicle's hail damage, there are two types of repairs we provide. The first is to completely repair your vehicle utilizing Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). This normally takes a few days from the time of drop off, to the time of pickup to complete.
The second involves the use of both the PDR process and conventional body shop repairs. This process is referred to as a Combination Repair. The time frame for this type of repair will vary from several days to longer depending on the severity of damage.